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Reflections: The Moral Courtroom

Over 2000 years ago in a manipulated courtyard, stood an unjust trial of an innocent man. He stood scourged and bruised for cases brought against him which were all untrue.

When the authorities asked the crowds, choose today whom you prefer to be set free? In your righteous judge who is innocent in your eyes? The crowds, the agitators, and those with hidden motives all chanted set the rebel free, we prefer the lawless one! And so, he was released reflecting the moral voice of those who cast their votes. The multitude in that courtyard was drunk in anger and determined that the innocent, the godly, and the pure should be put to death.

Today, across the world we have been invited to a global courtroom. What you choose today is a reflection of your heart. You only have two choices, choose Christ or choose the lawless one.

God is watching!

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