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Sounds of my Writings: The Religion of Deception

Any religion, creed, belief or practice whereby you are encouraged and incited to kill and/or murder that which God formed in his own image and likeness is demonic, barbaric, false and diabolic no matter how you defend it, even if you put the word "holy" in front of it. Don't you know that the fate of those who encourage this shall also be the same? If you live by the sword you shall die by the sword.

My brothers and sisters if a faction of your religion is contaminating the truth of your peaceful desires, why aren't you standing up against it and correcting this practice. Wouldn't it serve your religion, your people, the world, and the God you serve best if you preach and teach through actions of justice and peace? Has anything changed even amongst you, that you - yourselves are blinded by your own crimes and seek mercy for your own sins?

Don't you know that you have added to the list of your iniquities when you have decided just like Cain to take the life of his brother? Whining out evil, while practicing evil is a religion dressed in deception. You say, your God has incited you to do such a thing because the world is corrupting your beliefs, prayers, and thoughts. Well then pray for peace, and usher in peace with actions of peace and not war. Deception has gripped even the so-called Godly. It is the right and authority of the living God to avenge not a human, and he has ways unknown to man which is absent of cynical.

Create a justice system where justice is served, and don't play as though you are a God. For don't you see and know that even the prophets of old were killed the same way you now kill. Who is behind this? Isn't it rage and hate the driving force behind depravity? It's unfortunate that good and evil faces the brink of war every day and being mad leads to madness.

What is this religion called deception?

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