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Sounds of My Writings: The Spirit of God, is God.

The Spirit of God is God. He carries his wisdom, his characteristics, his likeness, his thoughts, his purpose, and his power. Receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit is necessary to labor effectively both spiritually and physically to do God's will and purpose (establish his kingdom). Will, as it may, but God himself will not fail in establishing his righteous kingdom in man and on earth. If peace is required to maintain "unity", so be it. If "holy anger" is required to correct effectively, so be it. If spiritual warfare and war must be unleashed to accomplish his purpose, so be it. God and his Holy Spirit, with Christ by their side is not small by our own understanding - that he could be contained in a box, Church, program, or paradigm. God is infinite in all his ways, and he empowers individuals, the Church through his Holy Spirit to be able, capable, and effective people - to move with authority (power).

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