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Sounds of My Writings: The Word Does Not Change

In view and respect to culture, time, language, history, and even authors there are fundamental precepts that do not change in God's Word. The inspired Word of God can be applied to all generations, but the Spiritual message remains intact and eternal. Conforming the Word of God to our likeness, biases, conformities, culture or feelings may be dangerous if our views are warped, immature, or insensitive. It is important to respect the inspired Word of God and thoroughly simulate through study how does it apply to me, this, in turn, should be biblically supported and in correlation produce the same fruit of righteousness, peace and joy (the Kingdom of God) in our culture, society, and persona. For it is not so much the importance of who wrote it, rather what is the ultimate message God (the author of life) wants to impart and fulfill in our lives. This does not change, or should never change.

For thus "by their fruit, you shall know them". The messengers may change, but not the message!

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