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The Sounds of my Writings: A Time Of Prayer

My heart and soul longs for the living God. For one moment in your holy presence is better than a thousand elsewhere. Nothing can satisfy my thirst unless you give me to drink of your loving truth and presence. Where would I be if your Grace did not find me, where would I be if your mercy did not wash me, where would I be.

For your Spirit searches the hidden things in all men, the secrets of the heart and mind are not hidden from your light. You are almighty, and you I revere. I humble myself before you so that you may wash my sins away. Allow me to pray for those who are perishing before your mercy seat, and give me the confidence to come before your throne of grace. May my utterance come from a contrite and merciful heart, and be found acceptable before your ears.

Forgive us all, your people. Cleanse your house and send your spirit to the heart of every believing and listening ear. That they may return to you and be found in you in these last hours. Move in the heart of this nation, and tear down the strongholds that are impeding your Holy Spirit. Forgive us when we have quenched your heart when we have turned our face to other idols. We repent as a nation, and as your sons and daughters. Move upon the face of the earth and declare your majesty. Let not your Words become silent any longer. Who are we as your masterpiece, that we would curse your name, and mock your presence, and allow sin to desecrate your altar.

Lord forgive us and give us another chance. Strengthen your holy ones that they may proclaim your truth and glory. Restore your bride and not forget her. We humble ourselves before you.

In Jesus Name we pray. Amen, Amen, Amen.

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