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The Sounds of My Writings: He Ripped the Garment

Saul, does your name really mean long-necked. Has your pride got the best of you that you would persecute the house of David, and later in history lift up your hand against the Bride of Christ making her Bridegroom jealous. For in your name a secret was found about your destiny, that he who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbled himself will be exalted. For even your renewed nature will despise you, and God himself transform you into Paul - the humbled one. You will eventually find yourself at the foot of Ananais or at the sharpened edge of a sword.

Why rip the prophets' garment and try to convince him of your rebellion and secret motives, which was all found to be in the bed of fear and not faith. Didn’t you know that leaders were anointed by God as a symbol of divine appointment, and called to a higher standard? And, because of your old nature, one error found in your footprints of pride will lead many down a path of destruction. Why spread this disease in the congregation of believers and be found with your crown on the head of another who did humble himself before God?

Oh Saul, will you allow Paul to reign.

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