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The sounds of my writings: Praying for those who fear the Lord

My soul speaks to the one true God, he who looks from the heights of the heavens and who knows and sees the faithful and answers their prayerful cry. May you strengthen them and send a wind of refreshing upon their lives, livestock, ministries, and families. May they be edified by the works and favor of your hands. Comfort their souls with your holy presence, and reignite their willing hearts and fervor. May their spirits awaken again to the good deeds in love as they wait for their reward. Lord, please don’t let them stumble but if they are found fallen, we ask your Holy Spirit to restore their peace.

Help all those chosen before the creation of the world, who are called by your name finish strong their race.

Revelations 3:7-13

7 “To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:

These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. 8 I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. 9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. 10 Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth.

11 I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. 12 The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name. 13 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

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