Premarital Course

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Premarital Certification Course

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Premarital Course

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Premarital Certification Course Online

Preparing couples for a vibrant and lasting covenant with principles! 

For just $19.99 per user - you and your loved one will have instant access to your Course Certificate Available upon Completion of your Course online. Whether you have traveled the journey of married life for years,  your newlywed, or you are simply planning for the big day with the Clerk of Court, this Premarital course promises you and your partner (4) hours of laughter, fun, reflection, and enrichment to equip you for a successful life together.  Register for this course today and imprint your Certificate for legal use. 



Interactive & Easy to Complete

This Premarital Bilingual Certification Course features timeless information that will enrich your marital relationship and safeguard you and your family from the pitfalls of divorce. From Communication, problem-solving, parenthood, finances, and sexuality this course has been designed to be a valuable resource for all couples.  All of our courses are available
24 hours - 7 days a week for all of our students, couples, and families. Covid-19 Policies

average rating is 3 out of 5

“At 63 years old and both myself and my new bride having come out of 30+ year first marriages, we both had a good feel for all of the pitfalls and trials that come with marriage.  Still, this course was a blessing and helped drive home the seriousness of marriage with a Christian focus."

Tom Gibson


Premarital Course Benefits

The Florida Marriage License Cost is $93.50.
By taking our Premarital Online Course you will save $32.50 on your marriage license cost, reducing your Marriage License fee to $61.00, and avoid the three-day Florida state wait requirement which will accelerate your wedding plans. The cost of our online premarital course is $19.99 (per user). 


Call us at:

954-591-8723 or 786-529-4266



Reverend Luis A. Fernandez & Ivonne E. Fernandez

Our instructors have been honored to serve their communities for over twenty-eight years. Their educational portfolios extend from degrees in Business Administration, Microbiology, Masters in Marketing and a Theological Ordination in Mentorship, Christian doctrine, Discipleship Coaching, Biblical interpretation techniques, and ministry strategies.

Our professionals have also achieved Licenses and Certification status with various State and National juridical Organizations such as the Board Department of Orthotics & Prosthetics, International Conference of Police Chaplains, Department of Financial Services, Certified Safety Management, and Certified Premarital Course Provider.


Licensed Certified Professionals
Certified in all County Clerk of Courts in your State


With 20+ years of Counseling Experience
Professionals who are Licensed and Married!


User-Friendly Platform
Easy and simple to use on all smart phones, and Devices


Same-Day Certification Download
Download and print your certificates for immediate use


Customer Friendly Assistance
Speak to one of our course representatives for help!

Courses Now Available to Military Veterans


Nationwide Approved List of States


Download and print immediately upon completion of our Course.

Hawaii State

Idaho State
Illinois State +

Indiana State
Iowa State + 
Kansas State
Kentucky State
Louisiana State +
Maine State
Maryland State +

We encourage all of our Couples residing in the United States and Internationally to participate in this preparation course.
All States with Plus (+)  markings require Course Certification to Attain Marriage License with their County Clerk.  All Benefits Apply